The railspur’s purpose is to keep things moving forward.

It wasn’t long ago that trains were beginning to take over how we move goods and people. As the demand for rail services grew, so did the value of open track. It made no sense that traffic grind to a halt while a train sat idle, being unloaded or filled.

This prompted the creation of a secondary track, allowing trains that needed to stop be afforded the time and space they need. Meanwhile, trains passing by could do just so, entirely uninhibited while the work was being done.

These secondary lines are known rail spurs.

Not unlike a railway, your business is a system of moving parts. Some of those parts have momentum, while others are gaining speed. Then there are the parts of your business that aren’t moving. Maybe they came to a stop. Maybe they’re being worked on. Maybe they are just getting started.

One thing is for certain: you don’t want them to slow down the rest of your business while they’re being figured out.

Our company is premised on the belief that the deep expertise we’ve built in e-commerce ecosystems can help shape and execute on your own  strategy without e-commerce slowing your business down.

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Railspur is founded and led by a small team in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Blair Beckwith

As an early member of the Shopify Partnerships team, Blair was at the helm founding the Shopify App Store and Developer Relations programs where he led the ecosystem from infancy to excellence.

Jordan Graham

Served as a Developer Advocate and Strategic Partnerships Manager at Shopify. Jordan's writing has been published though national syndicates and industry journals.


Entrepawneur-in-residence. Finn the Aussie Shepard is responsible for ensuring all toys remain highly utilized and that Railspur guests and team members get adequate time to rub his belly.